The cooking

Hiker friends come to visit us gladly to put “their legs under the table”. We cook according to our local traditions: “Patole di Esino (potato Ravioli stuffed with meat), pizzoccheri, polenta and cheese, polenta and braised beef, polenta and kid…. And much more ! We remind you that goat’s cheese are produced by ourselves, while the other products come from local farms but all according to ancient dairy tradition.

The rooms

The shelter can accommodate fifty people and we have different solutions: At the first floor there are bedrooms with bunk beds for 4/6 person for each room, while at the second floor there is a large dormitory with additional bunk beds. Rooms are not equipped with bathrooms, but you can find it at the ground floor at the bottom of the stairs. In each bed there are: mattress, 2 blankets and a pillow with pillowcase, so a sleeping bag is required; If you don’t have it you can buy one on site

The Prices

Half boar: € 60,00 excluding drinks
Half board for children from 11 to 13 years old: € 45,00
Half board for children from 5 to 10 years old: € 40,00
Children from 0 to 4 years old: they pay only for drinking and eating

Room only: 22,00€
Bed & Breakfast: 32,00€

Chiudi X

There are no springs or wells in the northern Grigna, due to its calcareous shape. The only available water in the refuge has a meteoric origin and it is not drinking. In the shelter you can buy battle of water and other drinks, but you cannot have a shower due to the lack of water. The available water in the bathroom is not drinking.

The paths that leads to the refuge and in general all the paths of the northern Grigna, are not suitable for mountain biking. Although not expressly forbidden by any regulation, the use of mountain bikes is not recommended unless you have a deep knowledge of the paths.

Due to the location and to the difficulties to reach it, the refuge it is not recommended for disable people; in fact it is not suitable to accommodate them, mainly due to a structure with a lot of architectural barriers.

In the refuge you cannot pay with credit cards or debit cards, the only methods of payments accepted are:
- Bank transfer in advance
- Cash

The area of refuge is covered by the most important mobile operators, although inside the refuge the cover is not always optimal in every location; but outside you can surf in internet using 2G and 3G network.