La Grigna

Plant life

Rifugio Bogani is included in the regional park of the northern Grigna. Going towards the shelter you will find a succession of different surroundings, that characterize the impressive landscape of the park. Lower slopes are characterized by presence of birch, oak and chestnut, while ash and linden trees are in the valley rich of water. Climbing upwards, you will find the beautiful colors of beech (especially in autumn!) until the alpine pasture Moncodeno, where you can find wood of beech and larch. At an altitude of 1670 on the path that leads from Cainallo, there is Moncodeno, the place where Enrico, manager of Rifugio Bogani, recovers goats, milk them and from their fragrant flowered milk produces the goat cheese and tasty alpine “caprini”. Going on you can find rhododendron, mountain pine, vast grassy areas and limestone.

The cave

The limestone dominates the park Grigna: in particular from Moncodeno up to an altitude of 2370 meters, there are more than 600 caves. Most of caves has a vertical development ( the deepest one is “W the women” with its 1200 meters deep), but the most famous is probably the Ghiacciaia di Moncodeno, that contains real ice deposits.

The animals

Grigna is the ideal environment for many kinds of birds : grouse, partridges, woodpeckers chickadees and many others species (about hundreds). If you are lucky, you can meet also bigger animals: hares and foxes but also deer, chamois, roe deer and the majestic eagle.

Chiudi X

There are no springs or wells in the northern Grigna, due to its calcareous shape. The only available water in the refuge has a meteoric origin and it is not drinking. In the shelter you can buy battle of water and other drinks, but you cannot have a shower due to the lack of water. The available water in the bathroom is not drinking.

The paths that leads to the refuge and in general all the paths of the northern Grigna, are not suitable for mountain biking. Although not expressly forbidden by any regulation, the use of mountain bikes is not recommended unless you have a deep knowledge of the paths.

Due to the location and to the difficulties to reach it, the refuge it is not recommended for disable people; in fact it is not suitable to accommodate them, mainly due to a structure with a lot of architectural barriers.

In the refuge you cannot pay with credit cards or debit cards, the only methods of payments accepted are:
- Bank transfer in advance
- Cash

The area of refuge is covered by the most important mobile operators, although inside the refuge the cover is not always optimal in every location; but outside you can surf in internet using 2G and 3G network.